Annapurna Madipadiga

Buying fine art is an art in itself. Understanding the intricacies and nuances of a painting, how the elements come together, and how the final picture compliments a particular space, can be a tough field to navigate for art novices. Whether you are buying art for your personal collection, an office, or the décor of a new place, it is intimidating to be surrounded by great artworks and not know how to choose

It is too often that people who are interested in buying original art are either too nervous to venture into the confusing arena of an art gallery or afraid of wasting their investment on the wrong artwork. Not only does this negatively affect their art buying experience, but also influences the promising artists whose work suffers due to the lack of appreciation.

To promote the art culture in the country, this gap between aspiring artists and potential buyers needs to be bridged. Annapurna Madipadiga does this by understanding the needs of art buyers and sourcing artworks from across India to fulfill their requirements. As an art consultant, she helps her clients bring the art that they want into their space.

Two sides of a coin -a curator and an artist.

Annapurna Madipadiga is an art curator and consultant, as well as an artist herself. Growing up with her father E. Rohini Kumar who is a renowned artist, Annapurna has been deeply involved in the world of color palettes, brushstrokes, and canvases since she was a toddler. She went on to get her master’s degree in Arts from JNAFAU and taught in the Fine arts division at Potti Sreeramulu Telugu University as a visiting faculty. With a flair for contemporary and traditional art, she utilizes her artistic experience and talent to create a beautiful impression in the world of art.

Annapurna has previously worked for a popular art gallery where she curated art shows sourcing art from across India. In addition, she organized installations and art display at the much acclaimed Hyderabad Literary Festival for two consecutive years 2017- 18. She assisted with the production of the book “The Dot that Went for a Walk ‘which featured the illustrations of 51 Indian women artists, designed as an educational initiative to inspire change. The book highlighted motivational stories of women who had made a mark on the world, meant to strengthen girl empowerment.

As an independent curator, she has curated and organized numerous exhibitions such as:

  • ‘Divine’ – an exhibition featuring works of eleven artists from Jaipur, Kerala, Chennai, Dehli, Mumbai, & Hyderabad
  • ‘Bindu’ – an art show featuring thirty-eight artists in Hyderabad
  • ‘Konaseema to Golconda’ – a collection of the famous artist Rohini Kumar, also featuring works from his four art gurus.

Annapurna envisions a promising future of art in India and wants to play her role in connecting art lovers with art creators, for a beautiful world.