Wood , Fibreglass , 24ct gold , PU Paint , Threads

Cinema merges the rainbow of an artistic articulation with that of varied emotions containing of different shades and colours whereby generating an eternity of remembrance on the watchful and heartful. Intrinsically a hero then carrying the legacy of success, preferably, would continue to consolidate the power of one, of himself or an individual barring the efforts of every other. Nixes with the deep-rooted facts of co-living and bypassing the conceptual need of a congenial atmosphere. This myth of a sumptuous individuality and acting, shining like a gold is soon to be an impoverish output of the future unless the importance of a league is recalled and worked for. Manish in his art form depict this unstoppable havoc by for sheer logical and on humanitarian grounds and wish to state firmly that we all are merely puppets of one another visionary talents and an exclusive creation is only possible either in between or amongst, supported and guided by the group periodically. To safeguard the real art form and to keep its value ever growing and in order to relish the original savour, we need to be moving collectively together and simultaneously conferring upon valid recognition to the ones behind the curtain and possibly miracles will start happening round the clock. "बाबूमोशाय, ज़ िंदगी और मौत ऊपर वालेके हाथ मेंहैजहािंपनाह, उसेना आप बदल सकतेहैंना मैं. हम सब तो रिंगमिंच की कठपुतज़लयािं हैं, ज़जनकी डोर ऊपर वालेकी उिंगज़लयोिंमेंबिंधी है. कब कौन कहािं उठे गा येकोई नही िंबता सकता" - Anand film , delivered by Respected Rishikesh Mukherjee

  • Artist:Manish Sharma
  • Size: 14” x 11” x 5”
  • Quantity:1
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