Colored Pencil on Acid Free Paper

Shankar grew up watching movies. He used to draw from his childhood. Whenever he saw a nice image, he’d cut it and save it for practice. If it was a movie title, he’d jump with enthusiasm! From cover pages of the magazines to the illustrations inside, he would archive them all, dearly. Those days the publicity designers of films would create those beautiful multicolored posters, with the captivating action poses of the cinema heroes. With due diligence, he practiced drawing them, including the titles. That’s how he eventually became a signboard artist. Seeing the cinema hoardings all around would make him feel like he’s in a gallery. Any artist would like cinema. Perhaps that’s why cinema also became part of his life. He had sketched cinema as a subject a long time back. And sketching on the same again made him remember his childhood fondly...

  • Artist:Shankar Pamarthy
  • Size: 12” x 8”
  • Quantity:1
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