Mixed Media With Found Materials

@’ - unchanged “OBSERVER” under the skin. Skin, the layer to protect, which varies from a dress, a home, the survival instinct, the rat race, logistics, power play, politics,.... etc., that predominates the observer. striping up the skin reveals the one unaltered, unnamed, ambiguous stance-an attitude of locating oneself. Deeper Inside, the addiction I have of the visual world, around me is overpowering everything.... They are beyond the words and my understanding as knowledge.... Sometimes I say about a work as “some thing”.... after a while it seems the work is beyond the boundaries of the words...It is rigid, flowing, vigorous, childish, feminine, vulgar, complete, unfulfilled, satirical,.... having an paradoxical experience, that we are always submerged in, which is more significant... it is the multiplication of the binaries/ experiences with experiences / words with words.... and to add a lot..... sum it up all is ‘@’N.Ramachandran.

  • Artist:N Ramchandran
  • Size: 71” x 71”x 5.7”
  • Quantity:1
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