Acrylic on Canvas

Where one leaves the comfort of being in the soft and loving shade of parents and begins a new journey after crossing the threshold of the classroom. Trupti’s painting titled “Shala” is set in the rural context and interestingly touches all of the above experiences that one has been through and makes it so much more relatable by bringing forth those fond memories of school life in a simple yet unique way of expression. A happy chaos of this unified thought to abandon the known in search of knowledge is what drives us humans to embark on a glorious journey, reach out to the world and discover its beauty along the way. The innocence of children is beautifully depicted in the artwork through bright yellows and carefree blues at the same time the new and old and worn-out pairs represent the changing factors in one’s life… even though they (students) are different, yet all are placed together; something that the movie “Shala” reflects- a story of struggle, freedom and liberation with a spice of loneliness

  • Artist:Trupti Joshi
  • Size: 4ft x 4ft
  • Quantity:1
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