Natures DNA

  Acrylic on canvas

I’m representing the moments where I became the part of the nature.... Everyday morning while having a cup of green tea I just sit and enjoy the nature through the window. I observe many things (the transformations happen by the sunlight and breeze)and slowly I forget my very physical existence and become part of the teaches me many things(ex: chameleon transforms  the color according to the immediate surroundings teaches us to be a part of the nature.) .I always try to understand the nature. I believe that nature is guru. Nature makes many forms, and it transforms one form to another form. So, I get inspired by this transformation. The Gate way of the nature  and Nature's DNA "both works are representing those transformations.

  • Artist:Srinivasa Rao M
  • Size: 36” x 36” x 6”
  • Quantity:1
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