Tree of Life

  Acrylic on canvas

As an artist, I want my landscapes to convey reminiscences of my feelings and senses - touch, smells and sounds, collected from the places where I have lived. After exploring different subjects like streets, figures, I found a calling for nature. Consequently, large volume of my work covers widespread, vast landscapes with land, water bodies and skies. My leitmotif – “‘The Tree” has remained constant as part of my oeuvre over the years in my career as a painter, this is because of deep and innate bond with trees that I cherish , which grew along with me in a rural Indian hamlet. In India, trees enjoy a seminal place in mystical and spiritual realm, going beyond functional domain of just giving fruits and shade. They stand tall as sentinels, saving us even when our greed destroys them.

  • Artist:Bhaskar Rao B
  • Size: 24"x 48“
  • Quantity:1
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