See without Looking-2

  News Paper on Board

This is a work inspired from, one among the many aspects of our religious rituals- 'Chanting'. Chanting a particular verse or a word, usually a “mantra” many times, which unconsciously penetrates oneself, and becomes a part of us in due course of time. This very aspect of mere repetition, which leads us to travel from the surface to various depths, which as an act itself is a very powerful one. The artist took the “dot” as a ‘body’ for her Chanting and started observing the world around her, now she could see the various possibilities of the “dot”. From the everyday news paper to various materials, people, emotions, and many many more... This act of repetitiveness is so vast, it gives Anamika innumerous number of possibilities to explore... “A process to efface the ‘I’... Vijaya Veeraraghavan Anamika.

  • Artist:Anamika Ramachandran
  • Size: 60” x 60”x2”
  • Quantity:1
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