Painted Acrylic on Bronze

India's long history and epics have seen the importance of engaging animals in waging wars and how the animals were also a source of courage for their masters. It was such a pure bond of love between the Masters and their war companions. A pet is proactively a part of the most dangerous missions his master participates in, with unconditional love. Many folklores and popular media like films, draw inspiration from these characters. Artist Chinthala Jagadish created three horses as a tribute to these lovable and brave beings in our history and cinema. Inspired by these stories of valor, "Kalyani" - one of Shivaji Maharaj's horses, "Chetak" - Maharana Pratap's Horse, and "Dhannu" from the film Sholay were created. Apparently, the Marathas took pride in raising Indian breed horses after Shivaji Maharaj. Maharashtra has been singing the praises of Shivaji and his love for his horses for centuries. Chetak - is the most famous horse that has been associated with the history of Mewar. The "Chetak Smarak" is located at Moti Magri and Chetak Circle is named after "Chetak", the epitome of love and valor for his master - Maharana Pratap. The famed scooter Bajaj Chetak was also named after Maharana Pratap's horse " Chetak" .It was so popular that the waiting period was more than five years."Bhag Dhanoo, Basanthi ki izzat ki saval hai," A popular dialogue from Sholay describes this horse from the film as being remembered equally with all the other star performers from Sholay!

  • Artist:Chintala Jagdish
  • Size: 36” x 27” x 9”
  • Quantity:1
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