Acrylic On Mount Board

When people ask the Vishakha what her work is all about, he says “storytelling!” and when she talks about stories we’d know that cinema has a great impact on her life. This series of work is a tribute to the Indian cinema. This is not only a painting, but an opportunity to perform in her favorite world and be a part of it, she said! She analyzed the work of some of the great directors such as Shekhar Kapoor, Kamal Hassan and Ramesh Sippy and tries to live in their cinematic story-telling styles. Vishakha Hardikar Mall a pop artist premise to create parody and humor. She mirrors our experience of the mass media, capturing visual noise in a framework of ironic allegory. Behind the playfulness there underlies a level of the horrible disquiet of the age. This makes Vishakha a force to be reckoned with. With her distinctive and very personal style she communicates how she sees the world and her place within it. Vishakha creates a language of her own. Popping colors, stark characters, bold canvases makes her style instantly recognizable.

  • Artist:Vishakha Hardik Mall
  • Size: 24cm x 19cm
  • Quantity:1
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