24ct gold leaf, wood, Acrylic, Fiber glass

Viswaroopa reveals numerous contexts , definitions , theorems which forms an individual consciousness to realize his universal self that has been fragmented to one and all , exhibiting the nature of the unborn cause that remains the reason of every existence . In one word the world finds its ways through it and rest with it from start to infinity none other than.... Viswaroopa . Referring to the general populace , missing is their holy charioteer who could have wholeheartedly convince the fellow individuals and exhorts them to react to the situations and battle out the uneven . Coming back to the divine present to preserve the right and all that we keep in the memories to give the world its natural form once lived but now lost as metaphorically enacted in the craft where the contemporary vast has devasted the real beauty , the universal form and pathetic has become the Viswaroopa.

  • Artist:Manish Sharma
  • Size: 41” x 41”
  • Quantity:1
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